making records.

high-level producing, tracking & mixing at beautiful future fields studios!

We offer a recording environment that nurtures creation. As artists ourselves, we comfortably assume the roles of producers, recording & mixing engineers, and instrumentalists. We enjoy all types of music and also are experienced with spoken word tape-syncs, voice overs, and more. Our base of operations is Future Fields Studios in the heart of Burlington, VT.

Our recording studio runs Pro Tools, and utilizes both in-the-box and outboard solutions, with a proclivity towards the former.

We have many condenser, ribbon, and dynamic microphone options. Some of our favorites include our Michael Joly Oktava Mod (pair) and Hulk (pair) condensers; our AEA ribbon; our Fathead ribbons; and, of course, the vaunted Shure SM7B.

In the mix room, we utilize Universal Audio plugins and DSP; the full package from our local heroes, SoundToys; complete FabFilter; McDSP; Valhalla; and other software solutions!

In the live room, we offer a selection of boutique guitar amps from Supro, Fender, Marshall, and more; three drum sets including two amazing kits from C & C; a Baldwin upright piano, Fender Rhodes, and Wurlitzer Funmaker organ; analog synths including Roland Juno 106; assorted percussion; and many odds and ends.

Click below for details on our producer-engineers. Contact us to inquire about creating music!


eric b. maier

jer coons

willoughby morse