Henry Jamison summary

The following is a confidential, editorialized summary of the career of recording artist Henry Jamison, prepared by Future Fields, in a consulting capacity, as Henry explores new management possibilities. “Future Fields”, in this case, also means two of Henry’s close friends, who have agreed to consult Henry pro bono because he is a genius & good person who deserves to be happy & successful in his professional life. This summary is written by Eric B. Maier.


Henry is talented, likeable, & well-positioned to grow. He needs a new, more human, more professional manager to take his career to the next level.

He has two million monthly listeners on Spotify, due to inside-track playlist placement &, more recently, grassroots growth.

He just finished his first headline tour after a series of support tours. As of spring 2019, he draws 150-250 people in North American & European “A” markets & 75-125 people in “B” markets.

He has a very solid press kit, which includes The New York Times, Rolling Stone, NPR; & a hilariously usable four-star review in The Guardian which calls his first EP a “rare thing: an unshowy, literate gem that sounds a little like a lot of people – Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, Leonard Cohen – but carves out a niche all its own.”

His current manager is, in technical terms, “a problem”. He is looking for someone new who is effective & unflinching; but also shares his basic belief that people are good and the world can be better than it is.

Personal Background / Temperament:

Henry is an extremely talented artist who cares about people and believes in things. He is super weird in a non-alienating way (granted we are friends) & commands the stage with frequently hilarious, always awkward charm. The “Live at Fraser” set is a decent example of this, although you kind of have to be in the room.

Henry has goals for his career that extend beyond personal fame and fortune. He’s also in an industry that is extremely competitive, challenging, & power-based. He needs someone to guide him through the complexities of that “shark tank” who is strong & sharp but not themselves a shark.

His current manager, who we’ll call “Trevor”, has done a truly impessive job - especially given his independent status - assembling a team & working the angles to get Henry to a strategic position. He has a freakish sense of who is important to connect (/suck up) to and how to proceed with that.

“Trevor” is also a full-blown libertarian who resents people who do nice things for each other or do anything, really, for any reason other than personal gain. There are plenty of industry people (including artists!!) who are like this. But Henry isn’t one of them. So it eats at him and has become untenable. It’s probably the crux of their relationship malfunction.

So, as funny as it sounds, perhaps the primary goal of Henry’s New Manager Search is to find someone who wants to succeed in non-sociopathic ways.

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Henry is willing to work hard and understands the less obvious, sometimes less attractive sides of the job, i.e. the power-gamey realities of the business; the need to generate content - which he actually likes doing for the most part; staying true to his personality (i.e. brand). Most important to me, he thinks and talks about the double-edged sword of fame/success and seems more ready than most people to deal with all of that.

I would not call him super organized. He also has trouble with decisive action and standing up for himself, traits which have undoubtedly contributed to his current management situation lasting as long as it has. With the right leadership, I think he will thrive. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be putting this effort in, because I have my own shit to do :-)


Henry’s biggest success has come through Spotify. He has 1.8 million monthly listeners as of June, 2019.

At first, this success was due to an inside curation lane his manager, “Trevor”, had secured through personal connections & hustling. Henry’s Spotify hit, “Real Peach”, has 56 millions streams, largely through playlist placement. Retention rates have been a challenge.

His sophomore record, “Gloria Duplex”, is streaming well, with “Ether Garden” at 5.9 million and “Gloria” at 3.4 million.

Top 5 Streaming Markets:

New York - 29K monthly listeners

Chicago - 27K

Los Angeles - 25K

London - 21K

Toronto - 21K