recording studio: tracking, producing, engineering                                      artist management / label   

Future Fields is about 1) Making Records and 2) Growing Bands.

1) Future Fields Studios is a recording studio in downtown Burlington, VT. It is home to Eric B. Maier, Jer Coons, & Willoughby Morse, 3 producer - engineers with the ears & passion to take your music where it needs to go. From recording and producing to mixing and mastering, Future Fields offers a vibey environment to make music of the highest quality. In the spoken word arena, we have experience with tape syncing, voice overs, remote projects and more! 

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Our recording studio runs Pro Tools, and utilizes both in-the-box and outboard solutions, with a proclivity towards the former. We utilize Universal Audio plugins and DSP; the full package from our local heroes, SoundToys; complete FabFilter; McDSP; Valhalla; and other software solutions!

2) Also under the FF umbrella are Future Fields Management & Future Fields Recordings. Both entities strive to give artists the tools & guidance needed to grow the business that is their art. Both take advantage of the recording studio aspect of Future Fields as well. Everything is connected in our industry.