The Future Fields Patron Platform connects musical artists with people who value artistic creation in deep ways.

We ask those who want to participate in an artist's journey to consider becoming a patron, through small sustained, or one-time, contributions.

Supporters receive extensive access to the creative process and a variety of exclusive perks. At the same time patrons participate in a larger cultural movement.

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We see our Patron Platform as akin to a land trust. To preserve what is meaningful, we have to create space - a space where value is assigned not by what one can get away with but by what one chooses to give. We believe that by doing this we can move towards a real, sustainable future for independent musicians.

Get involved below!


$5/MONTH: Music & Patron-Only Stream

Access to Maryse's patron-only stream, where you'll find all of the band's recordings as well as a patron-exclusive blog featuring frequently-added material such as unreleased music, mini-documentaries, photos, behind the scenes footage, streaming concerts/rehearsals, musings, information & other prizes. Details below.


$15/MONTH: Patron-Only Stream + VIP Access + House Shows

All benefits of the $5/MONTH level plus guest list access to Maryse concerts, after-show events & VIP hangs (subject to availability), and entry to our periodic house concert raffle. Additionally, a patron-only e-mail address to contact the band with any questions, suggestions or marriage proposals.  Details below.


$30/MONTH: Future Fields ALL ACCESS pass

Access to music and patron-only streams for ALL (current and upcoming) Future Fields artists.

A plethora of new musicians are in the patron platform queue and we're gearing up to introduce you to them in the coming months.  Details below.




$5/MONTH: Maryse Patron-Only Stream (including all released music and exclusive content):

Supporters at this monthly amount will receive a password to an exclusive blog hosted by Future Fields with Maryse-centric content, including all officially released music.  It will be updated weekly (at minimum) with additional behind-the-scenes footage from the studio and the stage; unreleased recordings/demos; exclusive photos; and documentary-style looks into the day to day life of the band.  Patrons at this level will also be entered into periodic raffles, with randomly selected winners receiving prizes including merchandise, souvenirs from the road and other goodies.  Patrons will have access to exclusive live-stream rehearsals and live performances.

$15/MONTH: Patron-Only Stream + VIP Access + Artist Q&A + House Concert Raffle

Backers in this range will receive VIP access to Maryse's live shows, when available.  Patrons will receive access to an exclusive e-mail address to contact the band directly, where you can request guest list spots, ask questions, offer feedback, send song requests, propose gigs, propose marriage and more.  Artists will respond whenever possible to all e-mails sent.  Additionally, patrons will be entered into a periodic house concert raffle. Also, of course, access to the Maryse patron-only stream.

$30/MONTH: Future Fields ALL ACCESS Pass (all patron platform content from every FF artist):

Benefactors for this package will gain access to EVERY artist's patron-only stream on the Future Fields patron platform - a fantastic way to support and engage with an ever-increasing group of musicians.  You will discover up-and-coming acts and have a front-row seat to a variety of journeys in a slew of different genres. Financial support will be shared amongst involved artists.


NOTES: We appreciate your participation in the beta-version of our patron platform! We will be adding many artists and features in the coming months. During this time we welcome any and all feedback:

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