Recording Equipment

From our beautiful console to a wide array of plugins, Future Fields has a variety of recording equipment to meet the needs of projects of all sorts.

Analog gear starts with our beautiful,16-channel, very-modded, fully-re-capped Yamaha M1516 console. You can read about its 2016 electric refurbishment, and see its new guts, here!

Our studio has a variety of pre-amps, including Electrodyne, Universal Audio, high-end Neve & API clones, Cranborne, and more.

We feature condenser, ribbon, & dynamic microphones from AEA, AKG, Aston, Michael Joly, Shure.

We have a variety of acoustic drums, including C&C; a variety of high-end guitar amps; a Baldwin upright piano; a Juno 106, a Fender Rhodes; Moog & Korg synths; a Funmaker organ…

We run Pro Tools, Logic & Ableton, and feature plugins from SoundToys (full), FabFilter (full), Universal Audio, brainworx, Valhalla, and more!

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